Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whoo its been awhile.

Hey all it's been awhile. With work and looking for a house and the wedding...well you get the idea. Anyways. Have been reading Michael Hampton's Figure Drawing - Design and Invention. It's a great book for learning the human body, but I really suggest Riven Phonex's " The structure of man" DVD's over at . Its offering 70 hours of HD video. Riven is a fantastic teacher and he is really good at embedding the fundamentals into your mind. The progress is by leaps and bounds. I'll put up some of my studies soon. As well as everything else goes, I am still planning on starting my career in art when I turn 28, so 2 years as of the 24th. Something in Concept art or Comics. My fiancé is 100% supportive of my decision and well ladies and gents that is why im marrying her. Well Until next time,

Have fun drawing


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