Monday, September 12, 2011

Comission Ready Jon

Where to Start? Married life has been great so far. Can't wait to see what 20 years brings us, anyways, enough with the mushy stuff. I had initially given myself 2 years to get ready to go public with my art but after hundreds of hours listening to audio books, studying the human anatomy, and sooo many sketch books. I think I am ready to show the world that I am an artist. I can now confidently draw my thoughts on paper. Thanks to Leonardo Da vinci's notebooks and Alex Rosse's amazing comics to inspire me. Without my wife I wouldn't be here so fast at all. Now im still studying, the pursuit of knowledge never ends but I will now be taking commissions. Speaking of Commissions I have been asked to draw an 11x17 Shera vs. Superman. that I'm really looking forward to.

I am open for Commissions, and my prices I believe are pretty reasonable. Please allow 1 week for completion and the shipping fee is in the costs of the overall project. Here are the prices.

8.5x11 / no Color - 10.00

8.5x11/ Color - 15.00

11x17/ no Color - 100.00

11x17/ Color - 125.00

Sketch cards - 10.00 ( that includes color and non color )

These are the prices for licensed( superheroes, cartoons etc ) characters.

For Concept Art that you have full rights to - 75.00 b/w only.

email all inquiries to

Well check back for more updates soon, I hope all is well,


p.s. here are some drawings from over the weekend.


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