Saturday, October 8, 2011

6 months in, about time to review.

So these next 30 days Ill be spending time reviewing over the information that I have already read. So basically re reading 2 books a week accompanied by my personal notes. Here is where I will keep my notes at accompanies some shots of things I have trouble with. Just a refresher. my goal is to start my career as a professional Illustrator by the age of 28. These next few postings are more for me but if you find them helpful awesome.

So here we go.

Vanishing Point Chapter 1
  - What is Perspective?

  •     Closer objects have bolder colors, as well as more contrast between their lightest and                darkest areas. 
  •     Your characters need fully developed environments with which they can interact and environments that affect them.
  •     The horizon s an imaginary line representing the boundary between the ground and the sky
  •     Vanishing points, usually located on the horizon line, are the other key building blocks for a successful perspective drawing.
  • Diagonal Vanishing Point (DVP): A special vanishing point placed to find lines at the 45-degree angles to the main vanishing points. The DVP is very useful in making sure squares are actually square. 
  • Magic Spot: A spot in a perspective drawing that can be used to find new vanishing points that are consistent with the established ones. 
  • 5 Types of perspective: one point, two point, 3 point curvilinear perspective ( 4 point perspective, curvilinear perspective ( 5 point perspective)

  • Perspective drawing for comics is half believable realism and cinematography.All camera angles fall into different types of perspective drawing.

A Caricaturists handbook Chapter 1

  • Caricature as defined in the dictionary: A representation, especially pictorial or literary in which the subject"s distinctive features are peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect. 
  • When something is exaggerated, it jumps out at you and tells you something. 
  • We are drawn to the immediate impact because the communications here, although non verbal and graphic, is clear, concise, and to the point. 

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