Friday, October 7, 2011

Full Plate but room for more.

So as you know lately I've been on this hardcore art kick since the beginning of the year, and I'm happy to say, the self study has come leaps and bounds.  Artistically I'm coming to find out that I'm not interested in drawing the things that I once were.  It seems now it's more toward the hardcore comic book / children's book crowd. I love creating peoples and posing them around the stage, I enjoy learning about gesture drawing and proportions. It's just really good stuff. In this blog I will list out all of my study materials, for those who don't have the time for school and  that are interested in self learning.
Note. All of these books and tutorials deal with traditional Art.

Drawing Dynamic Hands - Burne Hogarth - Still reading.
Dynamic Figure Drawing - Burne Hogarth
Figure Drawing without a model - Ron Tiner
Force - Michael D Mattesi
Figure Drawing Design and Invention - Michael Hampton.
Mythology - Alex Ross

These books were very informative on how to look at the human body. The next posting will be the videos and audio books used to help with the process.  I have 6 more months of anatomy after that I began my year of color and color theory self teachings.  Right now I am using copic markers rather than prisma but what I truly want to get into is watercolor. Hmph we will see. 

I haven't figured out my goals quite yet, but it is leaning into the comic world. 

Also these past few weeks I have taken a break from studying such artists as mike mayhew, and Alex Ross and have now set my sites on Frank Frazetta . That one started with Netflix and my curiosity. While reading the description I seen cult classic. After watching that amazing movie, I Imdb'd the cast and found frazetta. Frazetta has been skating around the edges of my artistic life painting and creating some of my favorites.

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