Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ok Ok. Batman Arkum City, Battlefield 3

I've been slacking to get in full dosages of entertainment. Usually I come home, spend time with the fam and once everyone is tucked off and sleeping, I sneak out and study for a few hours. Well these last few weeks ive been sneaking off and playing Batman Arkum City yesterday I had an opportunity to go to the midnight release of Battlefield 3 once I got it home I as quite disappointed but this a blog about art not videogames, which until about 2 weeks ago could be said about my life. I feel behind the 8 ball and have really disappointed myself. So tomorrow you will see new, sketches, and designs. Today I meet with a local indie comic book company to see if I am a good for for an artist there. I'll keep you all posted and let you know.

Until then, thanks for the patience and understanding.

Oh check out Jessica Hickmans ( power kitten ) Its pretty good stuff and the pencils are amazing!

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