Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My level 9000 year.

Listening to "The black Album - Change Clothes"

Well, Christmas was done and it was pretty low key. got about 20 bristol pads, some custom sketch card stock, few markers, pens, and " all that jazz". Anyways, its almost been a year since I have started this blog and I am jazzed what the new year will bring. I will be doing my 1st con at the motor city comic con to see how I well, rank as an artist. 1 full solid year of studying and practice has got to pay off.

No new art really but a few sketches, Right now im reading Andrew Loomis's Drawing the head and hands, books pretty solid, takes some time to get all the plates down but over all its pretty sexy. hope all is well and If I dont speak to you before 2011 is over, Happy new year.

- Jon

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