Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy New Year!

Morning Everyone, your favorite fashionably late artist is here. I have some news, Well 1st off my new years was great. Got to spend it with everyone I hold dear. Artisticly wise, Things are fantastic. I was pulled on as an art director for my friends music career. I am responsible for his over all image, this includes, logos, pictures, video, and just creative input on advertising descisions. I should be getting my sketch cards tomorrow from versicolour print ( finally ). Ill post them tomorrow if I get them. I am also out of the learning stage of my career. Its more reflecting and gaining better understanding. Ive been rubbing digital elbows with some pretty fantastic artist thru facebook that has helped me overcome some hurdles that I have encountered for the past year including hair. I have started a company with my friends called nerdology inc. We basically review everything there is to review related to nerd culture. Im pretty amped about it, seeing that it dosen't feel like work. On the down side, my grandfather passed away January 3rd. It was a tragic car accident, my grandmother was with him but she made it. Right now she is on the road to recovery. Thanks again ladies and gents for your precious time.

Thanks again,

- Jon

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