Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soon Enough is to far away.

Lately ive been getting alot of work. As you all know I started this journey 1 year ago and my objectives were to break into the sketch card industry and then comics. Well goal 1 is complete even though I have much to learn. Ive slowed down my studying to do some work and see where my studies have gotten me. So far its paying off and right now I have one year to go. This years focus will be color. All of my fundamentals are down. Perspective, Line weight, Contra Posstal, relation, form, structure, and some shade. To believe I drew before that... ouch. Well stay tuned for more as my career develops. Also if I get the go ahead to post the concept art for the childrens book I will be posting here in my blog.

Here are some of my cards from Breygent. As well as a custom sketch book from NekoHeavyIndustries

Thanks again for checking in and being apart.
- Jon

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  1. Did you love the sketchbook? I thought I didn't care about paper quality- I usually use dirt cheap sketchbooks from Target or whatever blank printer paper I 'acquire' from various places. So I used some of my NekoHeavy paper and was blown away. Plus, I got NekoHeavy sketchbooks with Street Fighter, and one with a goat on the cover so, you know, that makes 'em even better. This isn't a plug, but it sounds like one.


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