Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Update ( gets a little personal )

Wow, lots been going on Since January 2011 when I started to pursue my art career. 1st off im still married and in a great relationship and our daughter is blossoming into a fantastic person. On that note. Ive been extremely blessed. As you all know I draw on the side for now for a little extra for the family, I just finished up my 1st official sketch card set for Vampirella. Just as the dust settled for that, I was invited to do a children's book on well... can't say this project haven't been done yet but im very excited to start working on it. Funny thing, the art direction was helped by a conversation that I had with fellow artist Tim Shay who has done nothing short of spectacular work. So the image that I have here is a test to see if I still have my computer graphics for 1 year.

Back on a personal note. I lost my grandfather due to a car accident earlier this year. My grandmother is still in the hospital and she is recovering beautifully. My father in law had a reaction to surgery that has left him in the hospital for 23 days so far, my mother in law is a very able woman but we really felt it was great if she stayed with us until everything goes back to normal. Its been great having her here, she is a cool lady. Not to mention all these trials and tribulations have made us stronger as a unit and Its kinda exciting to see what type of metal your made of.

" life is the blacksmith, wisdom is the hammer, triumph is the fire, we are the steel"

Talk to you all soon, and thanks for all of the support.

- Jon

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