Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Escaping the box.

Quick thing about this box everyone is trying to escape from. Ever get tired of trying to think outside the box? It’s like going down a mental labyrinth checking for doors with an escape to the unknown.  Why not just create the box. Seems simple enough and just as effective. Instead of thinking outside the box. Why not become a god. In your box, create the rules. How each living thing and your nature exist and what happens when these forces collide. 

Yesterday I was looking at Arrietty and jotted down a few notes that may help in this never ending road of Art:

  1. Everything has a rule and a place. Things get interesting when forces collide. A tree blocking the sunlight etc.
  2. Everything has a density/form, material and opacity. 
  3.   Find 1 object to add scale.
  4. Incorporate the rules in your world to influence composition.
  5.     Listen to the weight. Literally think about what sound your creation makes when moving, breathing, screaming, scraping, walking etc. This will influence the design of your character.
  6.  Shadows come in shapes.
  7. Hair has a personality that compliments the character. Like batman and robin… yea that serious.
  8. Let the weight of garment influence posture/gesture.

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