Monday, July 30, 2012

My 1st project, harder than what I thought.

So excited. After what seems like 6 months of commissions, and non-stop studying. I have come to the conclusion I have to do something for me. I’ve decided that I am going to go the comic book route for this one. One of the employees who I have had the great pleasure of working with asked me, “Jon why do you create art." I’ve always thought I create art for the people who enjoy it, but never put myself into what I did. It was mostly just “awesome I can draw anything, thank you books". Now it’s something different.

I began to think of what putting myself into my work means and came across another challenge. With the time allotted, how can I begin to put myself into my work? I work a 9-5, I am a great husband and father, and so that means I put my time in my family but to put myself into work im just thinking this project is going to offend a lot of people. There are many things about me that I keep bottled up, for your sake and others. I have always been under close observation so I’ve always had to make sure I have set a good example. It’s come to the point where I need to create for myself and put meaning into what I do not just create pretty images. Thanks for listening and as always comments are welcome. 

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