Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just wanted to give thanks.

Today’s post isn’t about new projects or sketches I previously did. Today’s post is just about giving thanks to those who inspire and push me but, before we get to that, I just wanted to thank God 1st. If you know me, you know all the glory has to go to God because my attention span is close to none and I absolutely hated reading. As you all know, its been about a year and 5 months since I started this journey. What pushed me is I couldn’t draw my father a decent birthday card and while embarrassed and enraged I decided to empty the cup, start all over again. 

I looked for programs that could guide me and help me grow but failed. Almost 2 years ago my girlfriend at the time (now wife) bought me The Structure of man.  About 90 videos in, I turned my sights to some of my now favorite artists. Alex Ross and Scottie young.  Engrossed in Ross’s photo realistic panels and Young’s lines, I found a starting point. I went out and picked up Ross’s  whole catalog, and Young’s comics. With her one present it opened doors that I knew not existed  and with my wife’s constructive criticism with every line I find myself in a place where what was hard to conceive but now, easy to create. 

Now all this change requires tools. I was introduced to this company from a facebook friend and its been history ever since. Sketch Book Central  are the bee’s knees and the cats pajamas. They even kill Dick Blick on prices. The owner actually comes out to you with paper samples. PAPER SAMPLES and, the delivery is super fast even with the custom work pages for custom sketch pads. When you talk to Josh, you realize this guy actually knows what he is talking about. He even knows the history of the items which is always a cool treat. He is my art supply pusher and Its awesome having that kind of service accompanied with such good people behind great products I use every day.
That is all.  Just wanted to give credit where it was do.

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