Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fanfare what!?

 Detroit Fan Fare.
So as you all probably know by now, this previous weekend was the 1st official show. A few weeks ago was my first art fair with Motor City Sketch but this was my 1st real con. It was a huge success. We did over 150 commissions, sold a lot of nerd shirts and met some really cool people. I learned a few things as well, what people like, what they don’t, engaging people, and yea just all around good stuff. One thing I did not expect was to draw so much my little pony. That was actually pretty fun.  I have actual fans now, which is something I thought I would not have but it is cool. Really cool. I look forward till next year when our next show is. I will keep you posted but in the mean time I have new goals. 

My artistic goal is to build up to 40 sketch cards and 5 9x12s daily. The basics are down but now it’s time for training. I love my day Job but, I saw myself for the 1st time operate in my element, and it was quite addicting.  

Thank you for all the support

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