Tuesday, May 7, 2013 more facebook.

And this is why I had to stop Facebook yesterday. Blog I missed you, it’s been 5 months since I posted on you and there is so much good stuff. I’ve spent these past few months studying tone and also took up digital painting. I have incorporated my traditional style into this as well so now we have a full pipeline from concept to finish.

Really big on landscapes currently more than just characters. It’s pretty cool just having something magical to look at.

The Wife is pregnant and I couldn’t be happier right now we are throwing up names like “William Wallace “and Cerberus... Whew, I get shivers when I say it. My daughter is ramping up being a big sister, and by the way, super proud of her. Basically All A’s and she got the starring role in Guys in Dolls this past winter. She practiced every chance she could and she killed it for all 6 showings.  It was funny; I remember her going to tryouts and coming home with the biggest smile on her face. “Daddy you were right, hard work does pay off!” It’s easy to live your life as an example when your fruit benefit from it.

Back to the Whole Facebook thing. I love all of you but sometimes you act like Idiots. Grown people are airing out their dirty laundry for comments and likes. Your notified thru your phone and email when it does (I know I can turn it off but still, really?). So it keeps just going off. Looking at the home page scrolling thru, you realize you just read 30 post of why the American Government sucks, why your life sucks… DO SOMETHING just doesn’t sit there and talk about it. Not to mention I used to rush personal projects so I could post on this site for feedback and likes. Something just clicked and I asked myself” why?”  After about 2 or 3 minutes I had nothing. I don’t agree what is received in mainstream society so I removed myself from it. Its fueled by our youth flaunting their bodies, hypocrites praising God one minute and talking about weed and hoes the next.( God is not Mocked-Galatians 6:7) We as a people have to fight for what we think is right. There are more of us than them and yet we still just post and re post and think it’s doing something.  As main stream society goes, America has gotten fat and fragile and the issues that are serious and we should be discussing we laugh at and look for other to tell us how we feel.  It’s ok to be yourself.

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