Sunday, June 30, 2013

Baby Witchblade.

Its been a crazy 2013. So far we have completely been head over heels in love with digital painting. Come to find out it embodies everything I've been going over for the past 2 years so practicing in perfection is the challenge now.

Also, we got on another epic card set, Witchblade from breygent, the same company who ran the Vampirella set covered in previous articles.

The wife is preggo and due in November.we are having a girl, exciting times! Ash (because of they way the baby is laying) has 3 bloodclots in her left leg. Drs say that it will dissolve on its own and the process will be expedited once the youngin is delivered. Its been quite a roller coaster ride.

Sorry its been so long for the posts just been way to busy with everything, will post pictures soon!

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